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Exchange Membership

The Crypto Fusion Center® features direct access to contact information and reported incidents from other members.


Incident Report Notifications

Don’t be caught off guard. Stay up to date with notifications from partner exchanges and law enforcement

Members may subscribe to receive emails detailing incident reports logged by other members.

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Real-Time Blacklist Feed

Eliminate the need for manual entry. Automatically block bad actors from using your platform by patching into our live blacklist feed

Members who maintain their own software may utilize our blacklist feed, which provides live data on addresses that other members have flagged as bad actors.

Contact Information Database

It’s all about who you know. CFC membership includes access to our contact database, which will put you in touch with compliance and law enforcement officers from around the world

Finding the right person to talk to can be a job unto itself, but it doesn’t have to be. Members are required to include and maintain their contact information so that they can be reached by other members as needed.

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Due Diligence

Membership within the Crypto Fusion Center® demonstrates to the community that your organization cares about the integrity of the funds that flow through it, and will quickly work to combat the criminal use of cryptocurrency

It pays to be prepared – and it looks good to regulators and your customers, too. The ultimate goal of the CFC is to share intelligence among members to ensure that our combined users feel safe using cryptocurrency.


To ensure the integrity and quality of our community, the application review process will include verification of identity and the character of your business.

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